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Mototrial Event at Trials Training Days
The very popular Trials Training Days event is set for March 29-30, and a special event is planned for the pros.

This year will include a "Mototrial" consisting of a side-by-side race over a course set especially for the best riders in the U.S. on trials bikes. This race will make Endurocross look like a trail ride for sissies! After a day of training and practice on Saturday, the race will take place for Pros only on the hillside behind the cabins.

Ryan Young says he's rested & ready to teach the kids a lesson they won't forget!

Wagner Cup update

Preparations are at a fever pitch here at the TTC as we get ready to host the 2008 Wagner Cup, rounds 3 and 4 of the FIM Spea Trial World Championship.

We'll have a new shop building ready for all the official functions and scoring.

The course is set, sections roughed out in my head and mostly cleared but a lot of work remains to get ready. 12 of the 15 sections will be very close by, with some spectacular new stuff near Bilbao falls. The Mother of All Hillclimbs will return, only this year it goes to the TOP! 3 of the sections will be for the hardy hikers, but well worth the visit to the top of the mountain at the 60ft high Lampkin falls; this is the most stunning and scenic spot on the property and not to be missed.

Our latest addition to the TTC fleet is a Suzuki Samurai, which can haul chainsaws, generator, hammer drill, and is used to traverse to almost anywhere; I think Charlie's fingerprints are embedded into the dash from our last trip up to Lampkin falls with it.

We also have added some property composed of a nice grassy field adjacent to the spring, which will be excellent for camping. We still have some spots available for observers; a full weekend pass is provided to folks who can observe one day during the weekend or 10 passes for a club willing to host a section.

Mark your calendars and don't miss the trials event of the year!


2008 Wagner Cup

United States Grand Prix, World Trials Championship, April 26-27


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