World Round 2006 update

Wow, we had a great weekend and got a tremendous amount of clearing done on some of the WR sections. We cleared a great place up on the limestone ledges and opened it up so much you will not recognize it. Huge bonfires were going all weekend. On Sunday we worked down in Sawmill Creek on a couple of sections; this had been the plan until a Friday rain put some water flowing, so Saturday we worked up on the hill on the ledges. We’ll get back into the creek again in a couple weeks, as we still need to do a bunch of work there before the winter rains make the area wet.

Thanks much to all who came out & helped, including:

Karen Garrett
Sam McNair
Frank Martin & boys
John GodwinGreg Clark
Nathan & Steve Glinski
Jamie Gourley
Charlie Roberts
Alex Bedley
Mike Wilson
Mark Sturtevant