TTC has now opened up the trails for side by side riding!

Trials Training Center has decided to start allowing SxS vehicles to come join in on the fun, they will also be giving info on a cheap caravan insurance so that people can take their caravans as well! Sorry, no jeeps as the trails are not wide enough…. but if you have a Polaris, Rhino, Teryx or anything similar (must have the roll cage) come enjoy the fun. We’ll close the trails a week before and during events.   Call for more information:  (423) 942-8688


  1.  $30 fee per day per SxS
  2. Must sign a release for each person entering the property.
  3. Helmet is mandatory!
  4. Use trash cans.  NO LITTERING! *cigarette butts are considered trash. Let’s keep this beautiful location CLEAN!
  5. Have fun!!!!