Trials Training Days was a success!

We would like to send a HUGE shout out to ALL of our instructors for Trials Training Days!  We have gotten great feedback from this event and everyone wants to make sure ALL of our Instructors get a BIG THANK YOU!!!
So thanks to:
Ryan Young and the Sherco Boys and Girl!
(aka – Karl Davis Jr, Brian Roper, Logan Bolopue, Quinn Wentzel, Chase Harker, and Louise Forsley.)
Also a big thank you to
Ron Lee who we like to call Mr.Beta
and also to
Jim and Crystal Zuroske
Fast Eddie Faulkner
Darrell Davis
and last but never least a big thanks to our own
Alex Bedley and Sadie Thompson!

We would also like to say…..Thanks to all of you who came out and participated….it wouldn’t be nearly as fun without all of our guests!

Next TTC Event : Spring Slash – May 26,27 with an Anniversary Dual Sport Monday May 28th (Memorial Day!)