Trials Comp News: now up to Lesson 9 in the Ryan Young tutorial series

Trials Comp Feb 09 coverI just got the Oct. 2009 issue of Trials Competition News and it contains the lesson I’ve been waiting for: Splatter! 

I’m going to learn to splatter as soon as I get a little older.

Here’s our blurb about the series from our TTC How To Ride/Tutorials page.

Trials Competition Newspaper has been publishing The Trials Technique of Ryan ry-lesson1-sshotYoung series of motorcycle trials tutorials beginning in the Feb, 2009 issue of Trials Comp.

No, digital versions of the tutorials are NOT available here or anywhere else on the internet. The various authors/contributors/owners of that content are still working on the best way to make it available beyond publication in Trials Competition Newspaper.

But you can buy back issues of the paper (or better yet, subscribe!). Here are the tutorials that have been published to-date:

  • Feb. 2009: Lesson 1 – Stance
  • Mar. 2009: Lesson 2 – Balance
  • Apr. 2009: Lesson 3 – Wheelie
  • May. 2009: Lesson 4 – Bunny Hop
  • Jun. 2009: Lesson 5 – Turns
  • Jul. 2009: Lesson 6 – Floaters
  • Aug. 2009: Lesson 7 – Flip Turn
  • Sep. 2009: Lesson 8 – Roll Up
  • Oct. 2009: Lesson 9 – Splatter

The introduction:

Finally! A straightforward, clearly written, fully illustrated guide to Trials riding technique! Six time US Champion Ryan Young is renowned for his ability to teach riders of all levels.

Now, in an exclusive arrangement with RYP USA, Trials Competition proudly presents this first in an ongoing series of monthly riding lessons by Flyin’ Ryan himself!

The presentation will be as methodical as it is precise: We’ll lay a foundation of basic skills and gradually work up to advanced techniques. So whether you’re a newbie Novice or seasoned Expert, put your boots on and let’s get started!