Enduro/Trials Cross Training

How will trials riding help your off-road riding?

Trials is uniquely challenging as it requires razor-sharp focus and intense concentration while negotiating very challenging terrain. By learning the techniques of trials riding, you’ll soon be able to go faster in the woods or on the track! The TTC Enduro/Trials Cross Training class is designed specifically for off-road racers who want to improve their results. We guarantee you’ll be a better rider after graduating!

Spend the first day on one of our trials bikes and learn the basics of moto riding. Spend the second day on your enduro bike using the skills you redefined. Instruction also includes trials gear, and lunch both days.

“You can get a tremendous workout on a trials bike. The whole time you’re on it is a good workout because you’re standing up. You’re learning weight distribution, traction, throttle and clutch control. What’s great is you can make it as intense and extreme as you want to.” — Guy Cooper, Trials Competition

“Trials can make you a better rider.” — Dirt Rider Magazine

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