Aloha Catherine! I wanted to just send a quick note as a token of my gratitude for all you have done for the Hawaii trio. Who says that the ALOHA spirit is only in Hawaii? The ALOHA spirit lives strong in TN. Your efforts and hospitality along with the hospitality and support from the rest of the crew really made our travels a great memory. If the future allows, I would like to make a second attempt next year for redemption. Ashley had mentioned that she may have some pics/vids that she would send. Please forward my e-mail address to her along with my gratitude for her part in making our trip memorable. I am not absolutely sure, but I think your son was entered. That boy RIPS ! Congrats and hats off! Hope to see you all next year. ALOHA from Hawaii. – Joseph Edsman

Just wanted to say thank you so much for having us at the TTC.  My riders had an amazing time at your facility and would love to make it an annual event!  I sure hope you were happy with us as guests.  I’m sorry for any inconvience we may have caused you!!  I tryed my hardest to keep everyone at their best!

Troy and his crew have done an amazing job with the trials and club so far!!  I think I can help the program grow more and I plan to help out as much as possible. Thank You. – Brandon Cassell

Dear Catherine, I need to thank you again for being a part of my wonderful experience at the Trials Training Center. Charlie was the absolute BEST instructor ever!!! To take me , in two days, from a complete novice on a bike to riding up a little trail…on a trials bike is amazing!!! He was always encouraging and patient and soooo knowledgeable. I had so much fun and I can’t wait to get myself back on a motorcycle. Hopefully I can find myself a nice used trials bike. I plan on taking the local safety course soon! Being able to go out and help with the sections for the event was a bonus and I appreciate everyone letting me tag along. I learned a lot and had the best time! Do get back to me when you find out about next years world event. THANK YOU again!!!! P.S. Alex was so kind to do a demo for me. I was very impressed. He is a wonderful young man. – Cynthia Surovi

Catherine, I wanted to drop you a line thanking you and Alex for the weekend. I have attended schools and events all over and have never been anywhere that showed more genuine hospitality than you guys did.  We learned a lot and had fun doing it.  We look forward to visiting you all again. – Wayne Butts

Catherine/Bruce, I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much fun it was for my family at the Youth Nationals. We all had a great time and we are looking forward to next year.  Also, I wanted to thank Bruce for his coaching when Nathan, Jason and I were at the TTC. The time spent working with Bruce really helped them with the fundamentals on how to ride Trials. I think Nate and Jason’s success at the Youth Nationals is directly related to what they learned at the TTC and would recommend anyone wanting to ride trials take the time to learn the basics. Thanks again and we will see you soon! – Patrick Hirt

Charlie, what a great place you have at TTC. My son and I came to the Saturday round and had a great time watching the event and seeing old friends — the McNeals, Curt Comer and all of the old National riders. Keep up the good work and maybe soon I will dust off the Montesa and see if I can still ride. Keep your feet up. – Truman Whaley

Catherine, we enjoyed the training we had last Saturday. I wanted to thank you guys, and comment on Bruce and Andrew. The instruction was excellent, and Jeb learned a lot that he can use in his cross country racing. We would like to complete the weekend another time, to apply what we learned on Saturday. Bruce has just the temperament needed for teaching. He obviously could back up his lessons, and had a lot of patience with the students. Everyone was helpful and friendly. We look forward to coming up again and working with you guys again. Please pass this along to your instructors, and we wish them great success in their trials events this year! – Jeff and Jeb Edge

Thanks so much for your hospitality. That was the most enlightening experience I have ever had in my 30 plus-years of riding a motorcycle. Hope to see you guys again soon. – Joey Lenn

Hi Catherine, I wanted to say thanks for an awesome class. We had a great time. The class, people, lodging, food, etc. was excellent. It was good meeting everyone.  You, Charlie, Jim, Bruce, Dan, Alex, and Dan’s daughter (forget her name) all made us feel very welcome. Thanks again. – Tim Gafford

To Catherine and the TTC staff: We had a total blast at TTC and are planning on coming back May 2007 for more instruction and fun. You made our vacation very special, and we are highly recommending this to many of our trials friends.  Thank you for everything you did for us. Greatly appreciated. – Trish Eaton

Hi Catherine, Wow what an awesome time I had. You are such a gracious host, it couldn’t have been done any better. Charlie is an outstanding instructor, Wendy & Carey are so nice, Alex is an outstanding young man, I was impressed with his maturity and manners, Dan and Bruce were great and very helpful. I made some life long friends for sure. – Tom Butland

My wife and I recently took the “trials for a day” course and stayed in one of your cabins. Charlie and Alex were the best!  This was one of the absolutely best learning experiences we have ever had. We are both excited to have so much stuff to practice now. The atmosphere of the TTC was great as well. We’ll be back for more!  Thanks again. – Kevin and Patsy Thompson

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful hospitality you showed us! We thoroughly enjoyed being at your resort and riding motorcycles. The accomodations were great, and the food was fantastic!!! Charlie was an excellent instructor to me and Maria, and Steve was very patient and good-natured with Emily! I really had a great time riding with Charlie on the small trails on the mountain! He is an excellent rider! We will definitely be back again to ride at your resort! – Vic, Maria and Emily Micklasavage, Woodbury Heights, New Jersey

The bike is great and also my stay at TTC was excellent; great people, great training, great place to ride. Thanks. – Edward Reus, Woodinville WA

Sam and I had a great time and learned a lot at the kid’s camp (we also have much that needs to be practiced). Charlie Roberts, Steve Glinski and the professional riders all provided us with first class instruction. – Hank Sikes, Gurley, AL

I don’t know where to start thanking people. This was so much fun that I’m still smiling. The champs were super. The training was very, very helpful. The entertainment was awsome. Please, please tell me that we can all do this again next year. Thanks to Dan, Charlie, Wendy, Catherine, Steve, Clay and everyone that helped to make it happen. The hill climb alone was worth the admission! – Brian Robinson

Thanks to all the organizers and manufacturers/distributers for a great weekend – fantastic location and event. 700+ acres of mountainside – hills, logs, rocks and mud – with past National and World Champs ( plus current contenders )to help us out with the techniques. Perfect organization – (sign up for classes as desired) with freedom to ride as well as learn. Even got to see Al B show us his tricks. Can’t wait ’til next year. – Andrew from Michigan

From a rider’s point of view, this event was an absolute and huge success. I got a chance to get some good riding tips and some good conversation time with many champ and other top riders. I learned several things that hopefully will correct weaknesses in my riding and help me continue to improve. All of the importers, especially RYP that contributed so much – THANK YOU! Dan Brown and the TTC crew- THANK YOU! Ryan Young, Tommi Ahvala, Ray Peters, Chris Florin, Andy Johnson, Tom Deal, Jesse Wellenstein, Adam Legere, Travis Fox, Bill Ibsen, Dale Malesek, Ron Commo, and others – A VERY BIG THANK YOU! This was probably the single most beneficial opportunity that I have been part of in 6 years of trials riding. I hope the businesses involved realize a profit from the event, and I hope everyone will remember what they did for us when making purchases. – Ron Milam

A big thank you to Dan, Wendy and all the people that helped out at TTC this weekend. What a great time we had! My family has Novice, Intermediate and Advanced riders and the crew at TTC found ways for all of us to have lots of fun and learn some new things. We now know that not only are these guys great riders, they are great people too. – Craig, Deb, & Matt Boardman

I wanted to thank both of you again for a great weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the Off-road Trip! The trials training was even better and I’m already looking into buying a used trials bike. Thanks for introducing me to this sport. I feel it was a privilege to receive input and training from both of you both on off-road riding as well as trials riding. – Scott Jacobs, TX.

Just a note to let you know that Jason has really excelled since his Cross-training 101 school at TTC . . . in addition to racing hare scrambles, he’s now racing motocross and leading the points in his class. He says that his training with you at TTC was the SOLE thing that improved his riding. Jason says that Tony taught him a different way to handle the bike than the instructor he had at a mx school and he felt like Tony’s instruction was correct. Thanks again . . . we can really see the fruit of your labor with Jason. – Joyce Tucker, SC

Thanks for a great 2 days of Offroad Riding. We didn’t know what to expect, but we were not disappointed. The way Tony & Randy varied the riding from wide open 2 track to tight, bar banging, technical sections, and those great rocky uphills, and not to forget all the creek crossings, was awesome! I really enjoyed seeing my son so thrilled to be hanging with the Guides. You have a first class operation, and we’re looking forward to coming back to take in more of your great trails, beautiful scenery and maybe a day or two of trials riding. – Otto Dejager, NJ

Just wanted to say thanks for all you’ve taught Andrew. He’s excelled since taking your Cross-training 101 school. His hare scramble and enduro results have greatly improved. I’ve had other people come up to me at races and compliment me on how smooth and fast Andrew is now riding. It means a lot to us and just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the great riding skills you’ve given to my son. – David Kendrick, GA

I just wanted to extend my thanks for such a great time! I really appreciate your hospitality, and making my stay so memorable. The trail riding was fantastic, and I had an absolute blast. I hope you’ll have me back again soon. – Don Thurber, MD

Thanks for a great weekend. I’ve been all over the country for various “schools” and I can say in all honesty that you have the nicest accommodations and hospitality I’ve experienced. Tony, I learned a lot about riding this weekend and I see a trials bike in my future. I’m sure I’ll be back in the future! – Lacey Hartje, Jr., MO

Just a note to thank you both again for a memorable off-road riding experience. The lodge was impeccably maintained, the food excellent, the company ingratiating and the riding outrageous. Some time in the future I hope to bring my son with me to experience your special kind of adventure. – Jack Santulli, NJ

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you once again for your invaluable riding instruction. In my last club competition, I took 2nd place and my riding has improved a great amount. The techniques you taught me are becoming more and more prevalent. Thanks. – John Millard, CO