Testimonial from Jeff and Jeb Edge

The TTC testimonials page continues to grow. Here’s a new one:


I just wanted to take a moment to email you. We enjoyed the training we had last Saturday. When we left that afternoon, we were trying to decide whether to go to the GNCC race the next day. So we headed home. When we discovered the race was 3 1/2 hours away, we changed our minds, and took Sunday to rest.

I wanted to thank you guys, and comment on Bruce and Andrew, I believe. The instruction was excellent, and Jeb learned alot that he can use in his cross country racing. We would like to complete the weekend another time, to apply what we learned on Saturday. Bruce has just the temperament needed for teaching. He obviously could back up his lessons, and had alot of patience with the students. Everyone was helpful and friendly. We look forward to coming up again and working with you guys again. Please pass this along to your instructors, and we wish them great success in their trials events this year!

Thanks again,

Jeff and Jeb Edge
Blairsville, GA