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Other instructors for Trials Training Days 2010 (next weekend)

Other instructors besides Ryan Young confirmed for TTD 2010:

Brad Baumert, Sherco USA, Ryan Young Products Brad Baumert Brad Baumert
Alex Bedley, NATC High School #1, 2007, TTC resident instructor Alex Bedley Alex Bedley
Karl Davis, Jr., NATC Expert 125 #1, 2009 Karl Davis Jr. Karl Davis Jr.
Steve Glinski, TTC volunteer instructor    
Chase Harker, NATC High School #1, Expert #10, 2009 Chase Harker Chase Harker
Laura Paugh, NATC Women #4, 2009 Laura Paugh  Laura Paugh
Ray Peters, NATC Expert #1, 2009  Ray Peters  Ray Peters
Charlie Roberts, TTC resident instructor Charlie Roberts Charlie Roberts



Trials Training Days March 27-28, 2010

Pricing: $100.00/per rider $10.00/per non-rider

See our Trials Training Days (TTD) page with videos and photos from previous TTD’s. Or jump right to the TTD registration page to sign up now.