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Instructors confirmed for the 2023 Trials Training Days, March 18-19

Among the instructors confirmed for the 2023 Trials Training Days, March 18-19:

Abigail Buzzelli
Alex Niederer
Chris Buzzelli
Dale Malasek
Glenn Falter
Jesse Wellenstein
Jojo Toole
Kevin Murphy
Max Glueck
Mika Lonsdale
Ray Peters
Ron Lee
Seth Vorseth
Sherman Smith III

10 photos of Trials Training Days instructors over the years (click a photo to enlarge):


2021 TTD held this weekend; registration ends Thursday; instructors & food vendor announced

Online registration (Eventbrite) for the 2021 Trials Training Days ends on Thursday, March 18 at 5 PM CDT.  The weekend fun begins on Saturday morning, March 20 and continues through Sunday, March 21.

The onsite BBQ food vendor for the weekend: Jerome’s Fine Swine and BBQ


| Ryan Young
| Jesse Wellenstein
| Alan Shirley (Saturday)
| Adam Blumhorst
| Ray Peters
| Laura Peters
| Alex Niederer
| Payden Campbell
| Drew Fortner
| Jay Gregorowicz
| Blake Bronstien
| Sherman Smith III
| Glenn Falter
| Charlie Roberts
| Matt Enniss
| Dean Bechard
| Karl Davis Jr.
| Josh Roper
| Nigel Parker
| Dalton Land
| Larry B
| Mike Dalmaso
| Tim Cash
| Dalton Dunman
| Ed Clark
| Gary Hoover
| Maddie Hoover
| Sadie Glinski

See all the TTD details here including the link to the online registration.