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Smage & Freixa split wins again at National MotoTrials Rounds 3 & 4 at the TTC

NATC at TTC - Marc Freixa, photo by Shan Moore

Our friend Shan Moore has the story of this weekend’s AMA/NATC USA National Championship MotoTrials Series at the TTC in his Trials & Enduro News email newsletter:

Pat Smage and Marc Freixa traded wins for the second-straight weekend during rounds three and four of the 2016 SWM US National Championship MotoTrials Series held at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, Tennessee.

Smage (Team RYP/Zip Express/Dunlop/Maxima/Sherco) kicked off the weekend by winning a nail-biter over Freixa on Saturday. Due to the threat of rain, the organizers set the sections on the easy side in anticipation of slippery terrain and when the rains didn’t come the result was a trial that saw the top two contenders, Smage and Freixa, finish all three laps with clean scores, although, Freixa was given a five point penalty when his minder moved a rock in section 10, which is against the rules. Smage would have won the event anyway had it not been for Freixa’s penalty, since in a tie situation the win goes to the rider who finishes the event with the fastest time, and the Sherco rider finished the 12-section, three-lap course 16 minutes quicker than Freixa.

Freixa (US Montesa/Honda) was fired up and came back with a vengeance on Sunday, taking just one point on each of his first two laps, both coming on the difficult seventh section. The former number three in the world then cleaned the entire last lap, which included a perfect ride on the difficult seventh section… Freixa’s total score of two gave him the overall win for Sunday and put him in a two-way tie with Smage in the series points standings.

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NATC at TTC - Pat Smage, photo by Shan Moore

Smage & Freixa split at National MotoTrials opener; series moves to TTC May 28-29

Pat Smage in Florida; photo by Shan Moore

Our friend Shan Moore has the story of this past weekend’s Rounds 1 & 2 of the AMA/NATC USA National Championship MotoTrials Series in Florida in his Trials & Enduro News email newsletter:

The 2016 SWM US National Championship MotoTrials Series kicked off in Ocala, Florida this weekend where eight-time and defending US Champ Pat Smage (Team RYP/Zip Express/Dunlop/Maxima/Sherco) and former number three in the world, Spaniard Marc Freixa (US Montesa), split wins over the course of the two-day event.

Freixa is a welcomed addition to the American series, and in addition to competing in the championship he is also here to help develop American talent for Honda/Montesa. The 37-year-old retired from the world championship series five years ago to work on new tires with companies like TreadHunter.com and hasn’t ridden in competition until this weekend, so he came into the Florida event as somewhat of a dark horse. However, Smage had a good idea of what Freixa was capable of.

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Marc Freixa in Florida; photo by Shan Moore

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The series continues with Rounds 3 & 4 next weekend (May 28-29) here at the TTC with the with the help of our Southeastern Trials Riders Association (STRA) friends.  Details in this TTC blog post.

Results and reports: Texas Nationals, Rounds 1 and 2

The 2011 AMA/NATC MotoTrial National Championship series got underway last weekend with Rounds 1 and 2 in Blackwell, Texas.

See the NATC’s MotoTrial Results page for standings and scores.

Here are links to reports:

NATC MotoTrial
Brian Behling on the NATC MotoTrial blog:


Shan Moore on the Trials and Enduro News blog:

NATC news via the trials RSS feed on Shan’s blog

On the lower right sidebar of the TTC’s website, we’re aggregating the trials-related headlines from Shan Moore’s blog on Trials and Enduro News. (If you use an RSS/news reader, eg, Google Reader, you can do that yourself using this RSS feed.)

A glance at those blog post headlines this week tells you that Shan has three posts from Rounds 1 and 2 of the AMA/NATC National Trials Series held last weekend in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.  The results may surprise you, as might some of the details.

Shan Moore joins the blogosphere

Back in December, I blogged the print and online developments with Trials and Enduro News (formerly Trials Comp).

Shan Moore Shan Moore with camera Darrell Shannon
Since then, webmaster Darrell Shannon (right photo above) converted their site over to WordPress and two weeks ago, Publisher & Editor Shan Moore launched his ShanBlog. (Photos of Shan are from my April, 2008 blog post during the Wagner Cup, USGP at the TTC. I’m sure he’s aged considerably since then.)

An excerpt from ShanBlog post #1:

Because of my background with CN, I have always been reluctant to do a blog because that kind of writing was what I would call off the cuff… something that I’m not good at. I was worried I was too "up-tight" to do a blog, and too worried about making mistakes or saying the wrong thing. Well, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately, and I’ve decided no one else worries about those things so why should I.

Also, I have been so tied up with all the events I’ve been covering lately (I’m on the road every weekend covering something… as a freelancer, if you’re not on the road covering something, then your not making money) that I have been hard pressed to find the time. However, I am starting to get a handle on the workload, in addition to getting the hang of putting together 40-something pages of T&E News, so I plan of giving you "off the cuff" updates from all the events I go from here on out.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Shan.

Trials Comp is now Trials and Enduro News with a new website and a social network


TEButtonTrials Competition Newspaper (Trials Comp) has morphed into Trials and Enduro News with the November 2009 issue. Editor Shan Moore gives the rationale with a full page letter in the new issue.

The paper has doubled in size (to 52 pages) and the trials-related news and features that we’ve come to expect are all there. And in addition to a revamped web site, they’ve also launched a Trials and Enduro News social network on the Ning platform. It’s like Facebook but for the trials and enduro crowd only.