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Eric Storz badly injured, recovering

This past weekend I saw a Nov. 24 message posted to the USA section of the Trials Central forums Eric Storz’s recent crash on his trials bicycle. Eric finished 3rd in the National Observed Trials Championship 125 Expert class this year and competed in Europe this past summer.

I  emailed Eric’s dad, Steve Storz, who sent this today:

The accident took place on Nov. 21st. The  6 hour surgery to repair his face took place on Nov. 24th and went very well. Plastic surgeons inserted seven titanium plates to repair the facial fractures. The procedure was done in a very masterful way and I don’t think he will have any noticeable scarring.

He should have been released 2 or 3 days after the surgery, but unfortunately he suffered a really severe reaction to some of the antibiotics used as a precaution against infection, which has delayed his recovery. The good news is that he is scheduled to be discharged from the hospital today, December 7th. All indications are that he will make a complete recovery.

As a side note, we are really grateful for all of the support and prayers from the trials community (worldwide). It really does ease the burden.

Eric Storz, Steve Storz,

Feel free to attach a ‘best wishes’ type comment here for Eric and we’ll make sure he sees it.

I took this photo of Eric and his dad Steve during the 2008 USGP World Trials Championship at the TTC (blogged here). Steve says he’ll send me a more current photo of Eric from this past summer.

In the meantime, here’s a recent (autumn, 2009) YouTube video of Eric on his trials motorcycle and trials bicycle.