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Trials Training Days Was a Total Success!

We at the TTC would like to say THANK YOU to all of the instructors that came out and volunteer their time and services for our Annual Trials Training Days 2014!


So many many thanks to:

The Sherco crew – Brad Baumert, Ryan Young, Karl Davis Jr., Brian Roper, Quinn Wentzell, and Luke Littlefield

The Beta crew: Ron Lee, and Ray Peters

The STRA Crew: Mark Moon, Tim Cash, Aaron Thistle, Darrell Davis, Alan Shirley, Austin Brown, Charlie Roberts, and Steve Green.


The number of riders for TTD was calculated at 92 with some of the most awesome people from all over the world; including Scotland, Canada, New York, Ohio, Florida, among others.


We could not host such an amazing Training Event without your help. We want you to know that we appreciate everything you do for us and the riders who came out to learn from the best!!


We also send a big thank you to all of the participants over the weekend. We had a blast meeting all of you. We hope that you continue to come for our Training Days event (Last weekend of March every year), and all of our future events.


Hopefully we will see you all at our Super Trials Weeks coming this summer, which will include the NATC National (June 28/29), the First Annual Cherokee Cup (June 30), Family Camp (July 1-3), the TDN Fundraiser Gate Trial (July 4), the NATS Bicycle Trial (July 5), and the East Coast Youth Nationals (July 4,5,6)!

Instructors for Trials Training Days for 2011

Ryan Young, 6-time US National Champion, head honcho at Ryan Young Products. Ryan Young Ryan Young DVD
Brad Baumert, Sherco USA, Ryan Young Products Brad Baumert Brad Baumert
Alex Bedley, NATC High School #1, 2007, TTC resident instructor Alex Bedley Alex Bedley
Charlie Roberts, TTC resident instructor Charlie Roberts Charlie Roberts
Karl Davis, Jr., NATC National #5, 2010 Karl Davis Jr. Karl Davis Jr.
Chase Harker, NATC Expert #5, 2010 Chase Harker Chase Harker
Nathan Glinski, TTD volunteer instructor Nathan Glinski Nathan Glinski
Steve Glinski, TTD volunteer instructor    



Trials Training Days March 26-27, 2011

Pricing: $100.00/per rider $10.00/per non-rider

See our Trials Training Days (TTD) page with videos and photos from previous TTD’s. Or jump right to the TTD registration page to sign up now.

We have the best trainer here: wjb training bolton

Ryan Young, featured instructor for Trials Training Days 2010

RYP-advanced-dvd-sshot One of the featured instructors for the 2010 Trials Training Days (TTD) is 6-time US National Champion Ryan Young, head honcho at Ryan Young Products.

Ryan’s latest DVD is Advanced Trials Training Techniques and he has a trailer video on the order page for it. (You can see in this screenshot that parts of the DVD were filmed at the TTC. That’s the TTC lodge in the background.)


Ryan and other instructors will be on hand during the TTD weekend to work with riders on these same advanced techniques.

RyanYoung-video-sshot2If those techniques too advanced for you, no worries.  Ryan’s 2004 DVD, Trials Training Techniques covers the basics, for beginners to experts. He’s got a trailer video for this DVD, too.

Ryan and the other instructors for Trials Training Days 2010 will be teaching the full range of trials techniques presented on this DVD, too.




Trials Training Days March 27-28, 2010

Pricing: $100.00/per rider $10.00/per non-rider

See our Trials Training Days (TTD) page with videos and photos from previous TTD’s. Or jump right to the TTD registration page to sign up now.

Trials Comp News: now up to Lesson 9 in the Ryan Young tutorial series

Trials Comp Feb 09 coverI just got the Oct. 2009 issue of Trials Competition News and it contains the lesson I’ve been waiting for: Splatter! 

I’m going to learn to splatter as soon as I get a little older.

Here’s our blurb about the series from our TTC How To Ride/Tutorials page.

Trials Competition Newspaper has been publishing The Trials Technique of Ryan ry-lesson1-sshotYoung series of motorcycle trials tutorials beginning in the Feb, 2009 issue of Trials Comp.

No, digital versions of the tutorials are NOT available here or anywhere else on the internet. The various authors/contributors/owners of that content are still working on the best way to make it available beyond publication in Trials Competition Newspaper.

But you can buy back issues of the paper (or better yet, subscribe!). Here are the tutorials that have been published to-date:

  • Feb. 2009: Lesson 1 – Stance
  • Mar. 2009: Lesson 2 – Balance
  • Apr. 2009: Lesson 3 – Wheelie
  • May. 2009: Lesson 4 – Bunny Hop
  • Jun. 2009: Lesson 5 – Turns
  • Jul. 2009: Lesson 6 – Floaters
  • Aug. 2009: Lesson 7 – Flip Turn
  • Sep. 2009: Lesson 8 – Roll Up
  • Oct. 2009: Lesson 9 – Splatter

The introduction:

Finally! A straightforward, clearly written, fully illustrated guide to Trials riding technique! Six time US Champion Ryan Young is renowned for his ability to teach riders of all levels.

Now, in an exclusive arrangement with RYP USA, Trials Competition proudly presents this first in an ongoing series of monthly riding lessons by Flyin’ Ryan himself!

The presentation will be as methodical as it is precise: We’ll lay a foundation of basic skills and gradually work up to advanced techniques. So whether you’re a newbie Novice or seasoned Expert, put your boots on and let’s get started!