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Ray Peters and a student: crossing logs at Trials Training Days

We received an email from David Naismith (AKA MrOlddave) alerting us to this YouTube video of instructor Ray Peters working with an unidentified student during this year’s Trials Training Days.  The log-crossing instruction is taking place in the TTC’s practice pit. The video shows 3 attempts by the student (he almost makes it on the 3rd attempt), and two demonstrations by Ray.

We have another video of Ray demonstrating riding over these logs in the How to Ride Trials section of our site. It’s titled, Using the Skidpan

Other instructors for Trials Training Days 2010 (next weekend)

Other instructors besides Ryan Young confirmed for TTD 2010:

Brad Baumert, Sherco USA, Ryan Young Products Brad Baumert Brad Baumert
Alex Bedley, NATC High School #1, 2007, TTC resident instructor Alex Bedley Alex Bedley
Karl Davis, Jr., NATC Expert 125 #1, 2009 Karl Davis Jr. Karl Davis Jr.
Steve Glinski, TTC volunteer instructor    
Chase Harker, NATC High School #1, Expert #10, 2009 Chase Harker Chase Harker
Laura Paugh, NATC Women #4, 2009 Laura Paugh  Laura Paugh
Ray Peters, NATC Expert #1, 2009  Ray Peters  Ray Peters
Charlie Roberts, TTC resident instructor Charlie Roberts Charlie Roberts



Trials Training Days March 27-28, 2010

Pricing: $100.00/per rider $10.00/per non-rider

See our Trials Training Days (TTD) page with videos and photos from previous TTD’s. Or jump right to the TTD registration page to sign up now.

Two new videos on how to hop the front and rear wheels

The TTC’s Dan Brown captured some video of last weekend’s Trials Training Days.

I’ve added his two videos of instructor Ray Peters’ class on front and rear wheel hopping to the bottom of our new page on How-to-ride-trials tutorial: Hopping the front and rear wheels. (There are now 4 videos there.)




See all the TTC Videos on the Trials Training Center YouTube Channel.