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NATC: new MotoTrial website and blog; also on Facebook and Twitter

The North American Trials Council (NATC), home of the NATC/AMA US National MotoTrial Championship Series and the US Trial des Nations Team, has a new site with a new name:


The old domain names for the NATC and US TdN will be redirected and eventually discontinued.

NATC MotoTrials

Head honcho Brian Behling is now blogging and is ramping up with both NATC MotoTrials on Facebook and NATC MotoTrials on Twitter

NATC MotoTrials on Facebook NATC MotoTrials on Twitter

So we’ll be hearing directly from him (and maybe other NATC board members) about the Nationals and the US TdN Team using these social media channels.  He’ll be trying to use the words ‘mototrial’ and ‘mototrials’ as much as possible instead of ‘observed trials.’  Or will he use two words for each, ie, ‘moto trial’ and ‘moto trials’ and really confuse us?

We’ll be watching, Brian. Winking smile

Full disclosure: the NATC contracted with my firm, Wigley and Associates, to help them with this.

A new name for the oldest sport in off-road motorcycling: MotoTrial

The North American Trials Council (NATC) held their annual meeting over the weekend. Among the highlights at the meeting was a decision (PDF press release) to use the term ‘MotoTrial’ instead of the phrase ‘Observed Trials’ for the sport.

NATCThe annual meeting of the North American Trials Council (NATC) concluded on Sunday October 24, 2010 with a new, updated name for the sport of Observed Trials – MotoTrial – will now be the term used to define this unique and oldest form of off-road motorcycling in the USA.

NATC  MotoTrial Press Release“We have been watching and listening closely to our national riders across the country and around the world, noting the movement towards this type of short name that’s easy to say, helps define our sport as one involving a motorcycle, while updating it to fit with 21st century trends”, said Brian Behling, C.E.O., NATC.

“With the increase of motorsports now incorporating this abbreviated type name (MotoGP, Moto2, Moto-X, etc.) it just seemed to be the right thing to do at this time to help move recognition of this incredible sport a little more into the mainstream,” noted Behling.