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Patrick Smage pulls out of Junior World Trials Championship

Patrick Smage has a May 20 letter posted on Trials Central and on Ryan Young Products detailing his decision to not compete in any more rounds of the 2010 Junior World Trials Championship.

Patrick Smage I had more fun on this trip than I have had going to Europe in the past. But, to be perfectly honest, that isn’t saying much. Between the extremely long flights, down time between events, the different culture, not speaking the language, and pretty much everything else, I just do not enjoy it as much as I really wished I could…

Shan Moore first reported on Smage’s decision in a May 6 blog post on Trials and Enduro News:

As for Europe, Smage told me he didn’t enjoy the trip to Spain and Portugal and wasn’t planning on going back…

Smage finishes 2nd and 1st in Portugal; takes lead in Junior World Trials Championship series

Pat Smage in Portugal, Day 1 podium Pat Smage in Portugal
Pat Smage was clean both days of Round 2 of Junior World Trials Championship in Portugal this weekend. On Saturday (FIM press release on Trials Central), he finished 2nd due to a tie-breaker on time; on Sunday, he took first by 6 points, his first-ever win at the Junior World level. He now leads the series by one point over Spain’s Alfredo Gomez. The series resumes in Japan in early June.

Smage takes 6th in opening round of Junior World Trials Championship

Pat Smage, Spanish Grand Prix, 2010Three-time AMA National Trials Champion and occasional TTC instructor Pat Smage is in Europe this month, competing in the Junior World Trials Championship.

Pat Smage in Europe, 2010 In the opening round last weekend in Spain, Patrick took 6th. Portugal is next weekend. Ryan Young (RYP/ShercoUSA) is with Smage as his “manager, mechanic and minder.”

Pat has 18 photos thus far in a Facebook photo album.

For more info and photos on the Spanish round, see the FIM press release on TrialsCentral.

Junior Championship Final Results, Spanish Grand Prix
1. Alexandre Ferrer – 29
2. Alfredo Gomez – 30
3. Jack Challoner – 31
4. Francesc Moret – 38
5. Benoit Dagnicourt – 46
6. Patrick Smage- 49
7. Tanguy Mottin – 60
8. Pere Borrellas – 66
9. Jonathan Richardson – 67
10. Maxime Warenghein – 69 (7 cleans, 8×1)
11. Ivan Peydro – 69 (7 cleans, 5×1)
12. Luca Cotone – 76
13. Gianluca Tournour – 83 (6 cleans)
14. Emil Gyllenhammar – 83 (5 cleans)
15. Jan Peters – 87