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Dan Brown pays a visit to Minnesota

Dan Brown and Griff Wigley, 2010Mr. TTC, Dan Brown, was in Minnesota this week and I met up with him for dinner last night.

No, it was not a Mototrial-related visit, but rather with his other hat on as head honcho at Dan Brown and Associates ("Specialists in Deep Foundation Design, Construction, and Testing and Slope Stability Problems").

DBA is "performing geotechnical design of the bridge foundations and settlement mitigation" for the new bridge over the Mississippi River at Hastings, MN. So we talked a lot about deep foundations, with a little webmaster-mototrial stuff on the side.

The last time I had dinner with Dan here in Minnesota?  It was back on May 8, 2005, with Martin Belair, just prior to the USGP WTC in Duluth.

Dan Brown and Martin Belair, 2005

AHRMA Trial was a SUCCESS!

Hey everybody!  We  have gotten some pictures in from the AHRMA Trial we had over the October 1,2 weekend.  Thank you Sadie Thompson for all the great photos!  We sure had a great time seeing everybody…familiar faces and new faces all popped up to come and ride.  The sun was shining and the temperature was just right.  We here at the TTC had a great time, and would like to think everyone else did too!  Enjoy the pictures.

Dan Brown (owner of the TTC) all smiles at the AHRMA Trial
Looking good Charlie (TTC Technical Manager and all around good guy)!
Smile for the camera Nathan!
Great body position Mike Wilson! Thank you to the lovely Audrey Bones in the background helping check, and James Thompson observing to the left.
Joey Jackson riding the AHRMA Trial
Dan Brown - actually getting to ride!

See all 23 photos in the album, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

TTC’s Dan Brown on Pitt Pass Radio

Dan Brown, TTCDan Brown of the Trials Training Center will be on Pitt Pass Radio on Tuesday, February 16. 2010.

The show starts at 8 p.m. Eastern Time and ends at 10 p.m.

Pit Pass Radio bannerThe episode will also be available in their Pitt Pass Radio show audio archives so that you can listen anytime, your choice of three ways: click the Listen icon, download the MP3, or subscribe to the podcast.

Update 2/17 12 pm: You can hear the 10-minute segment with Dan Brown starting at the 43-minute mark. Visit the Pit Pass Radio podcast page and look for the Feb. 16, 2010 show.

Alternately, you can listen to the whole show via this Flash audio player, and if you want, drag the bar to the 43-minute mark.