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Instructors for Trials Training Days for 2011

Ryan Young, 6-time US National Champion, head honcho at Ryan Young Products. Ryan Young Ryan Young DVD
Brad Baumert, Sherco USA, Ryan Young Products Brad Baumert Brad Baumert
Alex Bedley, NATC High School #1, 2007, TTC resident instructor Alex Bedley Alex Bedley
Charlie Roberts, TTC resident instructor Charlie Roberts Charlie Roberts
Karl Davis, Jr., NATC National #5, 2010 Karl Davis Jr. Karl Davis Jr.
Chase Harker, NATC Expert #5, 2010 Chase Harker Chase Harker
Nathan Glinski, TTD volunteer instructor Nathan Glinski Nathan Glinski
Steve Glinski, TTD volunteer instructor    



Trials Training Days March 26-27, 2011

Pricing: $100.00/per rider $10.00/per non-rider

See our Trials Training Days (TTD) page with videos and photos from previous TTD’s. Or jump right to the TTD registration page to sign up now.

We have the best trainer here: wjb training bolton

Other Family Youth Camp/Youth Nationals/Women’s Open veterans: Ron Commo, Will Ibsen, David Mizell, Karl Davis Jr., Chase Harker, Louise Forsley

I looked more closely at the photo album for the 2005 Family Youth Camp/Youth Nationals/Women’s Open and noticed a few more up-and-coming stars.

Ron Commo, 2005 Will Ibsen, 2005 Will Ibsen, 2005 David Mizell, 2005
L to R: Ron Commo, Will Ibsen (2), David Mizell.

You’ll see their names at the top levels of the NATC year-end results for 2009. Likewise, these 2009 nationally-ranked riders were there that week (alas, no 2005 photos): Karl Davis Jr., Chase Harker, Louise Forsley.

So register now (online or otherwise) for this summer’s Family Youth Camp, Youth Nationals, and Women’s Open!

Chase Harker will be at the Roll On Columbus!

Chase Harker will be appearing at the Roll On Columbus on May 22, 2010!  The Roll On Columbus is located at the LC Pavilion in the Arena District of Columbus, Ohio.  The Roll On Columbus starts at 12:00 p.m.  It is a family friendly event chocked full of Motorcycle shows!  Including Trials, which is where Harker will come in.   Harker  is a young man of many talents.  From being an Honor Student, to being a six consecutive AMA Youth National Observed Trials Champion, as well as the current AMA NATC National High School Trials Champion, Harker can do it all! Harker is sponsored by Sherco USA, Ryan Young Products, Zip Express, Dunlap Tires, and Ogio.   So head on out if you can to watch him and his friends “defy the laws of gravity”.  You can look up this event by clicking on this link.