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North American Trials Council (NATC) awarded AMA’s 2017 Off-Road Organizer of the Year

NATC 2017 Off-Road Organizer of the Year
Brad Baumert, Adam Blumhorst, Jerry Young at 2017 AMA banquet; photo by Meredith Blumhorst

The TTC’s Dan Brown and Charlie Roberts received this email from their colleague Brad Baumert yesterday, informing them that the North American Trials Council (NATC) was awarded AMA’s 2017 Off-Road Organizer of the Year at the AMA banquet over the weekend. Dan and Charlie are on the NATC council with Brad.

Subject: 2017 AMA Organizer of the Year

Council Members,

Over the weekend I attended the AMA Champions Award Banquet, the 65 Trials riders and enthusiast that filled 7 tables at the banquet included 6 time National Champion Ryan Young, our 2017 Champion Pat Smage, 2017 World Trials round winner Kylee Sweeten, 2017 Expert Champion Alex Myers and many other champions from our series and Vintage trials.

I am pleased and honored to let you know that in front of the over 900 in attendance, the NATC was selected as the 2017 Off-Road Organizer of the Year. We were up against some heavy competition as the other nominees were, National Enduro Promotions Group (NEPG) and Racer Productions (GNCC).

I was totally caught off guard but had Adam Blumhorst and Jerry Young accompany me on stage to accept the award.

Everyone who takes part in the NATC has contributed to the success we have attained. The 45 years of work that some of the current council members have dedicated to this sport are responsible in great part to bringing us to this point.

I was humbled to be the one to accept the award, and would like to thank each and everyone one of you for your tireless support. The staff that has “boots on the ground” at the events, Scoring Steward-Vonda Roper, Sporting Stewards-Stan Hensley and Jim Fox, Carolyn Saum who keeps us all going in the right direction, Howard Galbreth who somehow pulls off the impossible with all our printing and communications needs and Phil Baumert with his series software and support are all invaluable. The Board of Directors who keep the “Big Picture” in sight, and all the council members, club reps, rider reps, manufacturer reps, and just plain enthusiast who keep everything fresh and interesting with ideas, suggestions and challenges, can accept ownership of this award. I wish each and every one of you could have been there to accept, it was definitely a great night for our sport!

On another note, Cody Webb won AMA Athlete of the Year, during his acceptance, he talked about the influence trials had on his success and it seemed like the whole room was looking our way….another great moment for trials.

Thanks again for everyone’s help and support in all areas.

Remember success is a journey, not a destination…..so let’s keep it up!

Again, congratulations to all!

Brad Baumert
Chief Enthusiast Officer
North American Trials Council


RYP Radio: 26 episodes for March and April

Brad Baumert, Sherco USA & Ryan Young Products, has produced 26 more episodes for the motorcycle trials radio show called RYP Radio.  (RYP Radio also has a Facebook page.)

Brad BaumertRYP RadioTune in from time to time to listen to the latest interviews about "everything" trials. We will be covering various aspects of trials from competitors, importers, Trials clubs, bike and product reviews, personalities, history and more.

We will also cover international competitors as we can arrange those interviews. Our high tech recording studio is located in the offices of RYP in Shelbyville, KY. We are able to produce, live in studio, telephonic and Skype interviews.

Brad produced 16 episodes in March and 10 in April, many of them recorded during this year’s Trials Training Days. Each show can either be streamed or downloaded.


April 13, Brad Baumert
Tricked into interview, Personal Trials History

April 13, Adrian Lewis
Owner – Lewisport USA

April 11, Eric Storz
2011 Gas Gas Pro Class rider, Personal Trials History

April 7, Ian Delaney
Spring Training participant

April 7, Kristjan Thordarson
Spring Training participant

April 7, Chase Harker
Spring Training participant

April 7, Jim Schooley
Spring Training participant

April 6, Will Ibsen
’07-’09 Nat’l Pro Class Rider, Personal Trials History

April 5, Pat Smage
3-Time National Champion, Personal Trials History

April 4, Tim Pilg
American Beta, US Importer of Beta Motorcycles


March 29, Bill Ibsen
What it takes to become a Pro Rider

March 25, Quinn Wentzel
Spring Training participant

March 25, Will Sharp
Spring Training participant

March 25, Daniel Blanc-Gonnet
Spring Training participant

March 23, Andrew Oldar
Spring Training participant

March 23, Dan Johnson
Personal Trials History

March 21, Hunter Weaver
Spring Training participant

March 18, Sam Fastle
Spring Training participant

March 18, Logan Bolopue
Spring Training participant

March 18, Karl Davis
Spring Training participant

March 18, Bryan Roper
Spring Training participant

March 15, David Chaves
Talks about his time in America

March 15, Ryan & Jerry Young
Father and Son Escapades

March 15, Jerry Young
Personal Trials History

March 8, Canadians Tom Farr, Jordan & Amy Szoke
Personal Trials History

March 5, David Rohrschneider
Personal Trials History

Instructors for Trials Training Days for 2011

Ryan Young, 6-time US National Champion, head honcho at Ryan Young Products. Ryan Young Ryan Young DVD
Brad Baumert, Sherco USA, Ryan Young Products Brad Baumert Brad Baumert
Alex Bedley, NATC High School #1, 2007, TTC resident instructor Alex Bedley Alex Bedley
Charlie Roberts, TTC resident instructor Charlie Roberts Charlie Roberts
Karl Davis, Jr., NATC National #5, 2010 Karl Davis Jr. Karl Davis Jr.
Chase Harker, NATC Expert #5, 2010 Chase Harker Chase Harker
Nathan Glinski, TTD volunteer instructor Nathan Glinski Nathan Glinski
Steve Glinski, TTD volunteer instructor    



Trials Training Days March 26-27, 2011

Pricing: $100.00/per rider $10.00/per non-rider

See our Trials Training Days (TTD) page with videos and photos from previous TTD’s. Or jump right to the TTD registration page to sign up now.

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