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American Motorcyclist features TTC’s How To Ride web pages

The June 2011 issue of AMA’s American Motorcyclist magazine (members only) is out and page 31 has a feature on the TTC, with a focus on our How To Ride tutorial pages.

AMA Club Offers Online Tips, Advice

Page 31, June 2011 issue of AMA's American Motorcyclist magazineJune 2011 issue of AMA's American Motorcyclist magazineThere is no question trials occupies its own niche in riding. But while the bikes and terrain are unique, the people you’ll meet and the skills you’ll learn as as genuine as any in motorcycling.

For many in the eastern United States, the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, Tenn., is "trials central." But the club, which includes a 650-acre riding area, is more than the promoter for the AMA/NATC East Youth MotoTrials Championships and three rounds of the AMA/NATC MotoTrials National Championship Series. It’s also a great place to learn one of motorcycling’s most endearing disciplines.

That message is brought home by the extensive How To Ride section of the club’s website (TrialsTrainingCenter.com > How To Ride). There are 19 chapters, ranging from basic turns, to jumping to "splatters" (whatever those are!), each complete with in-depth instruction, photos and video.

While nothing replaces hands-on experience, the club’s site is a great resource for getting started or rounding out your understanding of one heck of a cool sport.