2018 Event Schedule

TTC Event Schedule for 2018:

February 11: CTC Winter Series Round 4

March 18: TTC Gravity Park Bicycle Enduro

March 24-25: Trials Training Days

March 31 TTC Gravity Park Downhill Bicycle Race

TBA: ITSA Vintage Trial National

May 26-28: Dual Sport Adventure Ride

June 9-10: NATC East Coast Nationals Rounds 1 & 2

June 24-27: Family Camp

June 28-30: Youth Nationals & Women’s Open

June 29: TDN Fundraiser Gate Trial

June 30: Bicycle Trials Regional

July 1-5: Great American Teen Camp

August 18-19: Kenda Tennessee Knock Out Extreme Enduro (TKO)

September 8-9: ITSA Vintage Trial National

October 20-21: The 26th Annual 58K Fall Trial (STRA)

October TBA: Downhill Southeast Bicycle Race – TTC Gravity Park

December 2: Toy Trial – CTC Winter Series Round 1


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