TTC Events for 2005

The Events page has been updated with the 2005 schedule for TTC hosted events.

Note that trials classes are ongoing all the time for small groups; specific class dates are not listed other than for special classes like the Chris Florin Winter Training Session.

Contact Us to schedule a small class.

2005 Events are:

  • March 19/20 Trials Training Days (signup online soon)
  • April 16/17 AMA/NATC National Championship Rounds 3 & 4 (pre-enter via NATC)
  • April 23/24 AHRMA Vintage Trials: National Rally and Competition
  • May ??? Southern Woods Riders Dual Sport Ride (signup via SWR)
  • June 26 – July 1 Summer Family Trials Camp (signup online soon)
  • July 2-4 AMA/NATC Youth Trials National Championships and U.S. Women’s Open (pre-entry online soon)
  • July 9 NATs National Championship Bicycle Trial (tentative – signup via NATS)
  • July 23/24 STRA Vintage Trial and CTC Fun Trial (date is tentative)
  • Oct. 22/23 STRA Fall Trial, the 13th Annual 58k (date is tentative)


Looks to be a busy year at TTC in 2005!

Bruce LeRiche, new TTC pro/instructor

I’m pleased to announce on behalf of TTC and Sherco USA that Bruce LeRiche will be riding the Sherco blue bikes in the 2005 AMA/NATC Motorcycle Trials National Championship series.

Bruce is a former national champion in South Africa and competed for the first time in America during 2004 with a 5th place finish overall in the championships. Bruce and his brother Brent (a.k.a, “the lads”) impressed many American trials enthusiasts with their spectacular riding style as well as their polite and friendly personalities, and are a welcome addition to the North American trials scene.

When not competing at the nationals and southeastern (STRA) trials events, Bruce will serve as the local pro and full time riding instructor here at the TTC.

Bruce LeRiche practicing with World Champ Tommi Ahvala last summer at TTC

I would like to thank Ray Peters for his great work during his tenure as the resident Pro here at the Trials Training Center during the last year and a half. Although retiring from the Pro class in the nationals, Ray will still be actively riding and competing in the sport he loves as he moves on to a career outside of trials. He is planning to remain in the Chattanooga area and we hope to have Ray continue to help with instruction and activities at the TTC when his schedule permits. Use our Contact Us form if you’d like to contact Ray via email and we’ll forward your note to him.