Montesa Test at TTC

On Friday, Jan. 14 a crew from Trials Competition magazine and Speed Channel (Chet Burks Productions) were at TTC along with Martin Belair and Chris Florin from U.S. Montesa to do the first test of the new Montesa 4-stroke trials bike. Everyone was quite impressed with the handling and smooth power delivery of the bike and I’m sure it will be a hit. Shan Moore will have an article on the bike in Trials Competition of course, but also look for articles in Cycle News very soon. In 2 weeks time, importer Martin Belair will travel to Southern Calif. to visit with Jimmy Lewis for a bike test for Dirt Rider magazine. (Note, new editor Jimmy Lewis is a very trials-friendly guy at Dirt Rider, so write & tell him how much you enjoy the trials articles!). Watch for the Speed Channel feature to appear on Two-Wheel Tuesday with host Greg White in a few weeks, probably early to mid-February.

Weather has been great for riding here at TTC this Jan., come see us!