Misc web site changes

Minor changes to the web site this week:

  • The events page has only 2005 events now, complete with logos, photos and links to the organizations involved.
  • We’ve combined the New Bikes and Used Bike pages into one page: Bikes and Sales where the five manufacturers are listed w/ their logos. We’ve also renamed the bikes photo album where mostly used bikes are featured, but also the occasional new bike, too.
  • There’s now a Riding Activities page with its own navigation button (with four fly-out buttons — mouse over it to see them) in the left nav bar, giving you a more direct link to the Learn to Ride, Dual Sport, Street, and Cross Training 101 pages.
  • A new Links page

  • A weblog archive by month (the links are on the home page, right under the email signup box).

More to come. Let us know via our Contact Us form if you see any glitches or have suggestions on how to improve the site.