Help needed: names and photos of past Youth Nationals champs

We’d like to create a photo collage of all the overall winners of the Youth Nationals held here at the TTC in the past decade or more.  We’ve researched our blog archives and thus far, have these champs:

Josiah Mizell 2006 Youth Nationals Champ 2010 Logan Bolopue

2009 Bryan Roper 

2008 Karl Davis

2007 Josiah Mizell 

2006 Josiah Mizell

2005 Will Ibsen

2004 Louise Forsley

  1. Do you know who won in years prior to 2004?
  2. Do you have photos of any of the champs from the year they won? (Photos of them on a trials bike or on a podium would be best.)

If so, please Contact Us. (That page has an upload form that you can use to send us any photos.)