Graham Jarvis and his G-force Technical Riding Academy return to the TTC in August

Graham Jarvis - G-force Technical Riding Academy

Graham Jarvis, the 2013 King of Extreme Enduro, will be hosting his G-force Technical Riding Academy in August here at the TTC, in the four days immediately following the 2016 Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro (TKO).

Dates/registration links for two clinics:

Graham JarvisSpectators are welcome at $20 per day. All spectators will be on foot. NO MOTORCYCLES.

Cameras and video will be allowed, so bring your best travel camera. And Graham will sign autographs.

Our TTC accommodations page has information about our cabins and camping. Contact us for availability and to make reservations.

The details/description of the clinics from the Academy registration page:

Pushing yourself to new limits and becoming a better rider with more control and confidence will be the focus of this california traffic school online. Learning new techniques for any trail obstacle or situation, faster more efficient controlled riding is what you will gain from this clinic.

Learn the ways of the Force!

May the G Force be with you…Always Jedi

This is your opportunity to learn from Hard Enduro #1 Rider in the World Multi-time World Champion Factory Rockstar Energy Husky Rider Graham Jarvis.

Graham Jarvis shares his secrets with you first hand in these riding clinic’s. You will be learning the techniques of ultimate bike control.

There are many different structured drills taught by Jarvis with one on one instruction along with group instruction, you will leave this 2 day riding clinic with a new understanding of riding and new skills you can practice and work on for a life time.

This Two Day In-Depth clinic is a proven course for success for any level rider, from novice to the most advanced. This school is an in-depth analysis of all components a rider will encounter on the track or trail.

Points of interest:

  • Clutch control finesse balance weight distribution body position
  • Suspension control, using the stored energy in your suspension to your advantage to increase traction and use Much less of your own bodies energy
  • Front brake control rear brake control drag increasing traction more than you even thought possible
  • Line choice log and rock crossing techniques
  • Everyone’s favorite! the slow wheelie!
  • clutch/throttle brake control with balance and body position.

He will teach you the secrets of how it’s done:

  • Technical line selection
  • Basic principles of traction and how to find the best Grip
  • Risk assessment techniques in making split second decisions
  • Body position and weight transfer on the bike
  • Several types of log And rock crossings techniques
  • Off-camber riding technique
  • Lofting the front wheel techniques
  • Manipulating the suspension, using the stored energy of your suspension to save your own energy
  • Rock section technique line choice and what is really possible
  • Bail-out technique

We will also be going over Bike settings controls and suspension settings. Each rider will have a professional suspension inspection of free sag rider sag and clickers. Also a complete check over and overall condition of your motorcycle as part of the class.