Cody Webb: 2007 AMA Indoor Trials National Champion

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Here’s the press release by Dan Brown (click photos to enlarge):

Sherco-mounted Cody Webb rode with a combination of precision and daring to capture the 2007 AMA/NATC Indoor Trials National Championship.

With the retirement of Geoff Aaron, the field was wide open and unpredictable. Eight contenders tackled the Ted Gansberger-designed course of man-made blocks, pipes, steps, and jumps with varying degrees of success in their attempts to qualify for the four man final.

Team ERE-Montesa rider Keith Wineland challenged Webb with a close ride in the qualifier, followed by a surprisingly strong performance by 17 year old Latin American champion Diego Ordonez of Guatemala on his Sherco and pre-race favorite Chris Florin of Florida on a GasGas. The more difficult layout used in the final separated the field with several spectacular crashes to the floor of the arena.

Webb rode with great confidence, using bold maneuvers including a leap from a steep incline across a large gap onto an elevated landing platform and a no-stop attack up a series of steps onto a tower section that stopped most of the riders. The enthusiastic crowd was treated to an exciting finish as the podium field was decided in the final two side-by-side race sections, which added the pressure of the race for points to a series of obstacles that were already difficult on their own.

These races were the motorcycle equivalent of a gunfighter showdown and lead to crashes in the first race by Ordonez and Wineland. Wineland suffered a race-ending injury to his hand as he was hit by his flying Montesa after a trip over the bars, handing third place to Ordonez. The more experienced Florin kept a cool head in the race sections and rode through the carnage to sneak up from fourth to take the second place podium spot. Webb had established his lead in the previous sections and rode confidently through the races to take the win and his first AMA Pro national championship.

Report by Dan Brown
Photos by Bill Ibsen