Cherokee Cup Challenge!

We our holding our 1st annual Cherokee Cup on June 30th, 2014. This event will be held the day after the Nationals at Trials Training Center. We would like to send a challenge to all trials clubs for you to come out and compete as a team (3 people) against other clubs in the US.  The Cherokee Cup is going to be a multi-section, long loop single line trial (similar to the UTE Cup).
There will be multiple classes offered: vintage, twin shock, clubman, women’s clubman, support, women’s support, expert, and pro. There will be several teams (all of which are 3 person teams): clubs, state, motorcycle brand, women. We’ll also have sponsored teams: (ie) GG, Sherco, Beta, Scorpa, Montesa, Ossa.
Come show everyone how your club/state/brand lines up against the rest!