Chattanooga-Birmingham Trials Club announces the Winter Moto-trials Series!

The CBTC (Chattanooga/Birmingham Trials Clubs)  announces the first ever Winter Moto-trials Series!  With 5 events!

Event #1 – December 4th at TTC (Trials Training Center) -Starts at 11:00a.m. Central Time

Event #2 – January 15th at Ringold – Starts at 11:00a.m. Eastern Time (STRA Banquet the night before!)

Event #3 – 4 – 5  – To be announced

1 more will be held at the TTC

and the others either in Ringgold, GA or at The Ridge in Birmingham, AL.


-Novice          -Intermediate

-Sportsman   -Advanced Sportsman

-Advanced   -Expert

There will also be a trail bike class at each event.

For more information contact:

Tim Cash :770-851-9916

Trials Training Center : 423-942-8688