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Andrew Oldar video: 2010 American Trials Teen Camp

Andrew OldarAndrew Oldar 2Andrew Oldar alerted me to a new video he just put together.

It features clips of the some of the best youth trials riders in the USA practicing (and crashing) at the TTC earlier this summer at the invitation-only American Trials Teen Camp. Among those featured:

Karl Davis, Jr.
Daniel Blane-Gonnet
Seth Gray
Chase Harker
Nathan Hassler
Homer Hensley
Andrew Oldar
Bryan Roper
Josh Roper

For more, see:

And you might want to friend Andrew (if he lets you) on Facebook.

FYI, Andrew finished 6th in the Pro class of the 2010 AMA/NATC National Championship Trials Series that just wrapped up last weekend. He finished 3rd in the Expert Class in 2009.

TTC Youth Camp/Youth Nationals veterans: ‘Young Guns’ DVD stars Andrew Oldar and Eric Storz

Andrew Oldar, 2005 Eric Storz, 2005 Looking at the Youth Nationals results as far back as 2005 (photo album here) you’ll see several names of riders who are now competing at highest levels of motorcycle trials in the US.

Among them: left, Andrew Oldar and right, Eric Storz, now the stars of the Young Guns DVD available from Ryan Young Products. The catalog blurb reads:

Young Guns DVD Watch in dismay as the young teens, Andrew Oldar and Eric Storz, known as the YOUNG GUNS, thrill you with their uncanny riding ability as they hone their riding skills on their way to becoming two of the top PRO riders in the sport of Observed Trials.

Both these riders have already won Championships in their young careers but now they have their sights set on the big time. Filmed all around the USA, you will see not only these two outstanding riders, but also many of the top riders in Trials today. Watch them as they ride up huge walls and perfect their splatter technique on huge obstacles. Included in the Bonus Footage is the 2008 USA Indoor national, 2008 Tennessee FIM World round, and much more.

See Andrew’s and Eric’s recent YouTube videos below.

And register now for the 2010 Family Youth Camp, the Youth Nationals (east), and the U.S. Women’s Open Championship.



Ray Peters and a student: crossing logs at Trials Training Days

We received an email from David Naismith (AKA MrOlddave) alerting us to this YouTube video of instructor Ray Peters working with an unidentified student during this year’s Trials Training Days.  The log-crossing instruction is taking place in the TTC’s practice pit. The video shows 3 attempts by the student (he almost makes it on the 3rd attempt), and two demonstrations by Ray.

We have another video of Ray demonstrating riding over these logs in the How to Ride Trials section of our site. It’s titled, Using the Skidpan

World Indoor begins; practice videos show the leaders, Bou and Cabestany

Montesa’s Toni Bou and Sherco’s Albert Cabestany finished 1st and 2nd respectively in last weekend’s opening of the Indoor Trial World Championship held in the UK. See the FIM story titled: Bou wins in Sheffield to begin his title defence.

Last Nov., T&E’s Darrell Shannon posted this YouTube video in the video section of the Trials and Enduro News Social Network. It’s unusual because of the slow motion.  It’s mainly of Albert Cabestany with a short clip of Toni Bou.


And in the forum section of the Trials and Enduro News Social Network, Darrell posted a link to this video of Toni Bou practicing at the Honda/Montesa factory playground (linked image below, not embedded video):


Two new videos on how to hop the front and rear wheels

The TTC’s Dan Brown captured some video of last weekend’s Trials Training Days.

I’ve added his two videos of instructor Ray Peters’ class on front and rear wheel hopping to the bottom of our new page on How-to-ride-trials tutorial: Hopping the front and rear wheels. (There are now 4 videos there.)




See all the TTC Videos on the Trials Training Center YouTube Channel.