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New and returning staff at the TTC: Levi Cagle and Carey Roberts

Levi Cagle is our newest Riding Instructor, and he is available for both weekend and weekday classes. See our TTC 2018 weekend class schedule here.

Levi Cagle, TTC riding instructor

We are also happy to announce the return of Carey Roberts as TTC’s Event Coordinator. She will be handling all things events-related, as well as our social media.  The guy in the background of this family photo is Carey’s dad, TTC manager Charlie Roberts. To contact Carey, see our Contact Us page.

Women Only Trials Instruction




Attention all ladies!!!!  We are organizing an all ladies trials instruction class December 12 and 13.

Trials is a great way to begin riding motorcycles.  Come learn to balance, turn, blast up hills, and ride over logs with instructors Charlie Roberts and Sadie Thompson.

Ladies, don’t let your husbands be the only ones out riding on the weekend. Take the class and show ’em how its done!

Guys, get your lady a gift certificate for this class! Treat her to a fun filled weekend and bring your bike to ride our trails.

Just for the ladies, the cost of the Double Blip will be $350.00 for the weekend(normally priced at $550). This includes bike rental and gear if needed.

Cabins per night for the class: $40 for a small(3 beds – 1 full – 2 twin)

$45 for a big(5 beds – 1 full – 4 twin)

Call 423-942-8688 or email to get your guest application or for more info.

R.I.P. – Bill Mathewson, a founding father of North American trials

Bill Mathewson, TTC 2008

We at TTC were all saddened to learn of the passing of our friend Bill Mathewson of the Rhode Island Trials Club. Bill was truly one of the founding fathers of North American Trials and a great friend to us at TTC, having served as our FIM Technical Steward doing tech inspection at the Wagner Cup FIM Trials World Championships we have hosted. He will be missed by all of the Trials community but his enthusiasm and hard work for our sport will not soon be forgotten. I expect there will be a nice tribute in his honor this summer as the RITC hosts this years’ Wagner Cup on the 40th anniversary of the first-ever such event that Bill organized in 1975. The notice from Carl Swanson is copied below.

– Dan

PS – Photos of Bill below are from the tech inpection for the 2008 Wagner Cup FIM Trials World Championship at the TTC. See the entire album here.

Bill Mathewson, TTC 2008 Bill Mathewson, Carl "Coach" Swanson, TTC 2008 Jim Watson, Bill Mathewson, TTC 2008

RITC Tech inspection team, TTC 2008, L to R: Dave Aldo, Jim Grabbert, Carl "Coach" Swanson, Jeff Salois, Bill Bonneau, Hub Brennan, Bill Mathewson, Jim Watson Bill Mathewson, Toni Bou - TTC 2008 Bill Mathewson, Pat Smage - TTC 2008

Rhode Island Trials Club
23 Sharon Drive
Coventry, Rhode Island 02816

April 28, 2015

CONTACT: Carl Swanson
President, Rhode Island Trials Club
Coventry, Rhode Island 02816

It is with deep sadness that we inform the trials motorcycling community of the passing of Bill Mathewson. After an extended illness, Bill passed away early Tuesday evening April 28, 2015 with his loving wife Ronnie by his side. Bill was a pioneer in trials in the U. S. and especially in New England. He was the founder and longstanding president of the Rhode Island Trials Club and organized hundreds of trials events over his life, including many U.S. National and World Championship events. Bill helped organize the first ever World Championship Trials in the USA in 1975. Bill was an active member of the North American Trials Council and a distinguished inductee into the NATC Hall of Fame. Because of Bill’s passion, effort and remarkable leadership, the trials community has benefited in many ways. Bill Mathewson will be sorely missed and never forgotten. Please join us in remembering Bill with thoughts, prayers and condolences for his family.

Bill was a member of the NATC and NETA Hall of Fame.