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Cody Webb, 2010 AMA/NATC National Trials champion

Kip and Cody Webb; photo by Lewisport USANATC Rounds 9 & 10 were held in California this weekend. See the NATC Results page for the scores of all the classes and the year-end results. With a 1st place finish on Saturday, Cody Webb (Gas Gas) secured his first-ever national title.

He’s pictured on the right with his father and minder, Kip Webb.  See the full-sized photo at the bottom of the Lewisport USA home page.

Shan Moore at Trials and Enduro News has the details on his blog:

After finishing runner-up in the series standings for four straight years, Webb picked up his game in 2010, winning eight of the 10 rounds to easily capture the championship. At Donner, Webb handled the huge granite walls and drops with precision, topping three-time and defending Champ Patrick Smage by 26 points on Saturday and 38 on Sunday.

See Cody Webb’s Facebook profile wall and this message thread on Trials Central for all the congratulatory messages.

Results: NATC Rounds 7 & 8

NATC Rounds 7 & 8 were held in Colorado this weekend.

See the NATC Results page for the scores of all the classes.

Cody Webb airborn By taking first place both days in Colorado over the weekend, Cody Webb (GasGas) has all but clinched first place in the 2010 AMA/NATC National Championship Trials Series. With 6 wins (including one in Oklahoma, one in Rhode Island, and two in New York), Webb will likely have his first-ever National Championship next week in California, beating out four-time AMA/NATC National Trials Champion Pat Smage (Sherco).

Dan Williams wrote in the Trials Central forum: "I calculate Cody only needs a fifth place (16 points) finish either day in California to clinch."

NATC results: Rhode Island, Rounds 3 & 4

NATC Rounds 3 & 4 were held in Rhode Island last weekend. See the NATC Results page for the scores of all the classes.

And see Shan Moore’s post to the Trials and Enduro News blog: Webb and Smage Trade Wins in Rhode Island

Cody Webb and Patrick Smage remain tied atop the championship points standings in the AMA National Trials Series after trading wins at rounds three and four of the series in Exeter, Rhode Island.

Just as he had done at the opener in Oklahoma, Webb struck first, taking a decisive win over Smage on the slippery rock outcroppings of Stepping Stone Ranch during Saturday’s round. The two riders riders – Webb on the Gas Gas Race model and Smage on a modified 300cc Sherco…

NATC news via the trials RSS feed on Shan’s blog

On the lower right sidebar of the TTC’s website, we’re aggregating the trials-related headlines from Shan Moore’s blog on Trials and Enduro News. (If you use an RSS/news reader, eg, Google Reader, you can do that yourself using this RSS feed.)

A glance at those blog post headlines this week tells you that Shan has three posts from Rounds 1 and 2 of the AMA/NATC National Trials Series held last weekend in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.  The results may surprise you, as might some of the details.