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TTC featured in Nov. issue of Dirt Rider

Dirt Rider Nov. 2011

The TTC is featured in the Nov. 2011 issue of Dirt Rider, in an article by Chris Green (photos by Shan Moore) titled Trials Training Center: Learning by Trial and Error.

The issue is also available online to those with a Dirt Rider digital subscription ($9/year).

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Here’s an excerpt:

TTC in Nov 2011 DR page 1-2The boss of this operation goes by the name of Charlie Roberts, and he serves as the resident instructor. Charlie knows a thing or two about the sport of trials, and having hosted the World Trials Championships a few times at his venue, he has seen the best get it done the right way. You’re getting some of the best terrain there is when you visit the TTC, not to mention the beautiful scenery and the old-school log cabins in the middle of the woods that give you the true feeling of an off-the-grid motorcycle camping trip.

TTC in Nov 2011 DR pages 3-4The land at the Training Center offers a wide variety of terrain with a ton of exciting natural obstacles such as logs both huge and tiny and rocks of intimidating sizes as well as the easier ones, which I spent most of my time on.

Dry creek beds with scattered rocks wind through the area like the freeways in Los Angeles. There is even a cool flowing creek that runs through the property with fallen trees laying across it that are possible to be ridden by the daring. The bottom line is you won’t get bored here, just bring your imagination and throw together some creative lines.

Cycle News features the Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro

Last week’s Cycle News (Sept. 7 issue) featured the Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro (TKO) in a 6-page feature titled TKO for Brown (pages 102-107) with many photos. An excerpt:

Cycle News TKO article 2011Brown led every lap of the final. He blasted to the front right off the start and opened up a small lead. Knowing any small mistake could mean disaster Brown rode conservatively and chose his lines carefully every lap.

Webb, however, had nothing to lose and went after Brown. The Beta rider had fallen in the first turn and was hammering it around the course. His aggressive riding style carried him right up to Brown late in the race. But when he was within striking distance on the last lap, Webb tipped over, which was just enough to give Brown some breathing room and eventual win.

After nearly 40 minutes of racing, Brown was happy to see the checkered flag. “Was tougher than anything I have ever done,” Brown said. “At the halfway mark, I thought I would not be able to finish, but I was leading so I kept pushing.”

Media coverage of the TKO

We’re compiling a list of media coverage of the Kenda Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro.  Here’s what we have so far:

Mike Brown, TKO winner - Cycle NewsCycle News

Dirt Rider

Some excerpts from the Dirt Rider article:

The weather was expectedly hot and sticky, and the brutally rocky terrain and dust made for a tricky course in and around the surrounding canyons and hills of the TTC. The format for the race was creative, with both a long loop and a shorter course being utilized to pre-select a field of amateur racers and narrow down the stacked field to 25, and then finally ten, top racers.

TKO6After multiple rounds of qualifiers, the TKO main event took place on the unbelievably difficult short course, which was approximately five minutes in length.

With ten laps of racing for the victory, the final was extremely hot, brutal and according to Brown “way tougher than an outdoor motocross national.”

Overall, the first-ever TKO was a huge success, and the buzz has already started about next year’s event

Other publications ran the press release of the results, including Trials and Enduro News, Dirt Bike, and Digital Offroad.

If you know of other coverage, let us know!

RYP Radio: 26 episodes for March and April

Brad Baumert, Sherco USA & Ryan Young Products, has produced 26 more episodes for the motorcycle trials radio show called RYP Radio.  (RYP Radio also has a Facebook page.)

Brad BaumertRYP RadioTune in from time to time to listen to the latest interviews about "everything" trials. We will be covering various aspects of trials from competitors, importers, Trials clubs, bike and product reviews, personalities, history and more.

We will also cover international competitors as we can arrange those interviews. Our high tech recording studio is located in the offices of RYP in Shelbyville, KY. We are able to produce, live in studio, telephonic and Skype interviews.

Brad produced 16 episodes in March and 10 in April, many of them recorded during this year’s Trials Training Days. Each show can either be streamed or downloaded.


April 13, Brad Baumert
Tricked into interview, Personal Trials History

April 13, Adrian Lewis
Owner – Lewisport USA

April 11, Eric Storz
2011 Gas Gas Pro Class rider, Personal Trials History

April 7, Ian Delaney
Spring Training participant

April 7, Kristjan Thordarson
Spring Training participant

April 7, Chase Harker
Spring Training participant

April 7, Jim Schooley
Spring Training participant

April 6, Will Ibsen
’07-’09 Nat’l Pro Class Rider, Personal Trials History

April 5, Pat Smage
3-Time National Champion, Personal Trials History

April 4, Tim Pilg
American Beta, US Importer of Beta Motorcycles


March 29, Bill Ibsen
What it takes to become a Pro Rider

March 25, Quinn Wentzel
Spring Training participant

March 25, Will Sharp
Spring Training participant

March 25, Daniel Blanc-Gonnet
Spring Training participant

March 23, Andrew Oldar
Spring Training participant

March 23, Dan Johnson
Personal Trials History

March 21, Hunter Weaver
Spring Training participant

March 18, Sam Fastle
Spring Training participant

March 18, Logan Bolopue
Spring Training participant

March 18, Karl Davis
Spring Training participant

March 18, Bryan Roper
Spring Training participant

March 15, David Chaves
Talks about his time in America

March 15, Ryan & Jerry Young
Father and Son Escapades

March 15, Jerry Young
Personal Trials History

March 8, Canadians Tom Farr, Jordan & Amy Szoke
Personal Trials History

March 5, David Rohrschneider
Personal Trials History