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Trials Training Days Was a Total Success!

We at the TTC would like to say THANK YOU to all of the instructors that came out and volunteer their time and services for our Annual Trials Training Days 2014!


So many many thanks to:

The Sherco crew – Brad Baumert, Ryan Young, Karl Davis Jr., Brian Roper, Quinn Wentzell, and Luke Littlefield

The Beta crew: Ron Lee, and Ray Peters

The STRA Crew: Mark Moon, Tim Cash, Aaron Thistle, Darrell Davis, Alan Shirley, Austin Brown, Charlie Roberts, and Steve Green.


The number of riders for TTD was calculated at 92 with some of the most awesome people from all over the world; including Scotland, Canada, New York, Ohio, Florida, among others.


We could not host such an amazing Training Event without your help. We want you to know that we appreciate everything you do for us and the riders who came out to learn from the best!!


We also send a big thank you to all of the participants over the weekend. We had a blast meeting all of you. We hope that you continue to come for our Training Days event (Last weekend of March every year), and all of our future events.


Hopefully we will see you all at our Super Trials Weeks coming this summer, which will include the NATC National (June 28/29), the First Annual Cherokee Cup (June 30), Family Camp (July 1-3), the TDN Fundraiser Gate Trial (July 4), the NATS Bicycle Trial (July 5), and the East Coast Youth Nationals (July 4,5,6)!

STRA rounds 3 & 4 in North GA

Hope to see you all this coming weekend (March 22nd and 23rd, 2014) at Track Rock in Blairsville, GA.  It’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend!  Make sure to call or come see  us prior to the 22nd to sign up for the STRA  and AMA (avoid the long lines!).  Don’t miss out on the fun! Afterwards come on down to TTC to get some riding in before Trails Training Days begin on the 29th!


We will have a Youth Event Saturday afternoon at the Blairesville Event  for Youth Riders 14 and Under. There will be lines for 3 skill levels.

TTC has now opened up the trails for side by side riding!

Trials Training Center has decided to start allowing SxS vehicles to come join in on the fun, they will also be giving info on a cheap caravan insurance so that people can take their caravans as well! Sorry, no jeeps as the trails are not wide enough…. but if you have a Polaris, Rhino, Teryx or anything similar (must have the roll cage) come enjoy the fun. We’ll close the trails a week before and during events.   Call for more information:  (423) 942-8688


  1.  $30 fee per day per SxS
  2. Must sign a release for each person entering the property.
  3. Helmet is mandatory!
  4. Use trash cans.  NO LITTERING! *cigarette butts are considered trash. Let’s keep this beautiful location CLEAN!
  5. Have fun!!!!


Mountain Hikers Welcome!

Although at Trials Training Center we are all about our motorcycles and mountain bikes… we also have so much to offer for those who like hiking, camping, and just being around breath-taking scenery! We offer cabin rentals and many campsites for RV parking and beautiful spots for tents as well. If you enjoy the outdoors… you really should check us out! Look under our accommodations list for more detail.


2010 Men’s TdN

This is a blog, but it was like a bog here! No rain here in Poland today but a few wash-out’s in the scores! The teams and spectators had to deal with the muddy mush from yesterday’s rain and bike traffic. Today’s TdN sections followed the creek/river/gorge just like the women’s event and climbed even steeper embankments.

Pat Smage Cody Webb Keith Wineland

Team USA, competing in the newly renamed “international” division”, was a little slow to warm up, so scores on the first few sections of loop 1 were not as pretty as everyone wanted, but they continued to improve as the day went by. Let’s hope they actually had some fun too.

The recent TdN rule changes keep the riders and the minders out of the sections unless “approved” by the section observer. One of the USA women had surely warned the men, since her waltz into one section on Friday landed her an immediate 5. Although this rule was not so strictly enforced today, it seemed to really cut down on the digging and rock-rolling that certain minders are known to undertake to prep the sections.

We saw only a few disputes with the observers’ scoring and, in fact, saw several instances of generosity in scoring. Said another way — a “3” went a long, long way in some sections, especially section 6. Given the difficulty of this particular section with two crossings of water and a very steep & long upward climb, we think the observers were probably justified in their stretch. This section was just around the rock wall from the women’s section 5 and challenged the world teams. Few riders aced this section today and many were happy to get out with 5’s and no injuries, since the organization got one of the best pain redelivers from the top rated inversion tables injuries have lowered.   

IMG_0252 IMG_0249 IMG_0250

As the day went by, the point separation of the teams widened and at the end, there were no close calls. This very different from the tight 2-point spread in Saturday’s women’s event. Spain cleaned up the world TdN title with an astoundingly low score of 14, followed by the Brits at 52 and then Italy taking third away from the French with their score of 123.

IMG_0246 In the international division, it was nice to see some changes in the teams making it to the podium although our star-spangled banner team did not quite make the cut. It was Norway with first, followed by the Czech’s and then Germany. Team USA was fourth in this division. The USA trailed Germany by only one point at the end of the first loop. However, unlike the women’s event, the team scores today were almost all dramatically better on the second loop than the first. This is when Germany shaved a handsome 30 points off their loop one tally versus the USA improvement of 14 points. IMG_0279

Once again, the USA team was the only country with less than four riders (even the new team, Slovania, had four riders). With only the best 3 scores in each section being counted, this gave no chance for a bad section ride. Seems we’ve got to get 4 riders on our team next year – ‘ya think?

Enjoy the photo’s and hopefully our ramblings. We’ve also got video clips from the women & men’s competitions too, but it seems unlikely we’ll get that uploaded for a few days, as our internet connectivity is really slow here at the hotel.

All in all, it was a great trip and the Polish organization should be commended.