American Trials Training Camp and Bike Trial

As soon as the Youth Nationals were over we immediately plunged into the 2nd Annual American Trials Training Camp for our best teenager up & coming trials stars! We had 21 riders this year for a week of practice and fun. They have been thrashing the rocks and bikes and bodies for a full week, and when not riding they are having canoe races and go-cart demolition derbies and eating like locusts. It’s been great! Look for a full story in next month’s Trials Competition magazine, and check out the RYP/Sherco for sponsoring this event and all of Brad Baumert’s efforts in the paddock to keep the kids going. Check out the photos in the gallery and especially the “wall of shame” for the broken bits. Also special thanks to Fran Webb (Cody’s mom) for being camp mom and doing all the cooking this year.

Also we’re hosting the NATS bicycle trials nationals and World Championship Qualifier events at the TTC this weekend (July 8/9) and I’ve posted some fantastic bike trial photos in the gallery. Several of the motorcycle trials kids entered the competition and Pat Smage even won the expert class event today (Saturday)!