1st draft of revised AMA Trials Rules

Here’s a first draft of the Revised AMA Trials Rules.

Attach your comments to the blog entry on the USMTA website or use the form on the USMTA Contact Us page. Deadline on responses is Aug. 31.

This document is a work in progress at the moment, but is intended to provide an updated section for the AMA Sports Rules. The intent is that the rules be consistent with those of the World and National championships in terms of scoring, but simplified and amended as needed for club trials. Note also the sections on rider classification and description of classes, as well as information on how to organize a trials club and events. These need to be brief and concise but also informative. Constructive suggestions from USMTA members are solicited so that this can be presented at the AMA Congress as a document which is useful and representative of the best the sport can be.