12th Annual Fall STRA Championship Trial – Oct 16-17

The flyer for the Oct. 16/17 event (the “58k”) is up (link below). This is our big annual fall trial an we expect a good turnout. Hope many of you outside the STRA can make it.

Also note that we will have a special one day training session on Friday, Oct. 15 for anyone interested. This will not be a regular class with an established agenda, but rather be organized more as a day long coaching session, with practice in sections and individualized coaching to correct mistakes and work on technique. Cost is $90/person and includes lunch. We’ll start at 9AM CDT and go until ??? Both Charlie and Ray will be available for coaching, but space is limited so that we emphasize individual attention and coaching. Call or email via the website if interested to reserve a spot.
View/download this PDF of the STRA flyer: