Women’s Only Class

We are going to have a “Women’s ONLY Class!” I just started riding and would like to see more females learning trials techniques, as this will add to your skills set no matter what type of motorcycle you currently ride!!!! The date isn’t for certain but we’ll post as soon as we get a set date!
Let me know who is interested!!! Ladies, we’re going to be running a special discount for class and cabin rental for a weekend. I’m so stoked to get this up and going! Need to know who is in before this class gets booked up! We already have several on the list so comment here or email me @ jessica@trialstrainingcenter.com to secure your spot in the class.
Thanks    ~Jessica C.

7 thoughts on “Women’s Only Class”

  1. Jessica, I am very interested. I need to practice skills from TYD and learn more. I can come anytime 1 or 2 days.
    Beth Evans

  2. I’m interested in the women only class, depending on the date and price. I have a dual sport enduro 250cc bike and can do all normal riding activities. Haven’t tried a wheelie yet, or hard terrain.

  3. We will put you down and reserve you a spot! It is still in discussion about when and how much but I will update it on here when we come to a decision on the details. 🙂 ~Jessica

  4. I think this is a great idea!! I am interested in attending. As far as dates, I can usually get off work with enough notice. I have been riding dirt bikes most of my life, but I am a new trials rider and need help!

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