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06 WTC:US Grand Prix update

Here’s a 06 WTC:US Grand Prix update update from Marc Redman, USMTA Promotions and Marketing Committee Chair (I’ve added his photo so people know who he is. Click to enlarge):

Greetings Everyone,

Wanted to update you on the 06 WTC:US Grand Prix promotion front and continue to enlist your effort and ideas.

Our FTI ad is running, Dirt Rider ad comes out next few weeks, our big postcards are being distributed by Geoff Aaron at his shows and by RYP at the Indianapolis mtc show, the TTC/STRA folk are in the process of getting our 11×17 posters to motorcycle shops throughout the SE, and we have a 10×20 booth at the Atlanta Cycle World MTC show 3/17-19. I am working on the graphics/promo material – STRA guys are scheduling workers – TTC is getting bikes to display. This should be a great way to get the word out

We have 2 versions of event flyers on the website available in color and black/white. The online ticketing and camping reservation system is working well and 70% of the TTC onsite campsites have been reserved. There has been consistent traffic and questions coming in through the info@trialsusgp email box. We have some Google adwords promos working so the website can be found/seen and overall the website has been working well. If you haven’t seen it please check it out.

This past weekend I sent out emails to all the trials clubs/leaders I could get an email address on encouraging and empowering them to help promote the event to their members and others. I also made contact with the main SE region off-road motorcycle clubs and have various things working to advertise the event through them and at the events in the next few months. Even have a big Knoxville ATV club helping get the word out :).

Will be doing some press releases in the next few weeks, working out the schedule of key SE region events we are trying to capitalize on. Hope to do a mailing of our postcard to either AMA members or Dirt Rider subscribers in the Knoxville-Atlanta-Birmingham-Nashville circle around the TTC in April.

Perhaps the most helpful thing [people] could do right now is get on all the offroad forums and talk about the event/website etc and use the e-vites we have on the site to get the word out (encourage others to do the same) The best form of promotion is still “word of mouth” and with email and quality e-vites this becomes much easier

Thanks and if you have any questions/suggestions, please let me know.

Marc Redman, USMTA Promotions and Marketing Committee Chair

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Hi Catherine, Wow what an awesome time I had. You are such a gracious host, it couldn’t have been done any better. Charlie is an outstanding instructor, Wendy & Carrie are so nice, Alex is an outstanding young man, I was impressed with his maturity and manners, Dan and Bruce were great and very helpful. I made some life long friends for sure. – Tom Butland

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