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Spectator Ride Passes for the Nationals

Nationals – AMA/NATC Test at TTC

We are going to try something a little bit different this year! We’re happy to announce that for the Nationals being held at Trials Training Center on June 28th and 29th, we’re allowing 50 permits to be purchased to ride their own trials bike on the spectator loop.

  • The permits will cost $100/day
  • Only 50 sold per day
  • Permits must be displayed on your trials motorcycle at all times
  • Must be an AMA member to purchase
  • Can ride ONLY on the SPECTATOR LOOP
  • Must pass tech inspection

Cherokee Cup Challenge!

We our holding our 1st annual Cherokee Cup on June 30th, 2014. This event will be held the day after the Nationals at Trials Training Center. We would like to send a challenge to all trials clubs for you to come out and compete as a team (3 people) against other clubs in the US.  The Cherokee Cup is going to be a multi-section, long loop single line trial (similar to the UTE Cup).
There will be multiple classes offered: vintage, twin shock, clubman, women’s clubman, support, women’s support, expert, and pro. There will be several teams (all of which are 3 person teams): clubs, state, motorcycle brand, women. We’ll also have sponsored teams: (ie) GG, Sherco, Beta, Scorpa, Montesa, Ossa.
Come show everyone how your club/state/brand lines up against the rest!

Team Moon

Team Moon

With saddened hearts, we said farewell to the nicest, most amazing and inspirational man we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. What a beautiful service. Mark Moon had to have been smiling down on “Team Moon” from heaven. Rest in peace, dear friend.

Ride for Mark… Team Moon

The service for Mark Moon was a beautiful one! Many of Mark’s friends and loved ones were in attendance. There were many Southeastern Trials Riders Association members present. Among those were STRA Vice President – Charlie Roberts, STRA Secretary Treasurer – Darrell Davis, STRA Youth Director – Tripp Almon, STRA Competition Director – Griff Shirley, and many STRA Members including: Randy Sharp, Reggie Winkle, Kris Gilbreath, Tim Cash, Sonny Roberts and Sam McNair  all of which were either pallbearers or honorary pallbearers.

The Pallbearers and Honorary Pallbearers

Mark Moon was such an inspiration to all who knew him and will be greatly missed!


Mark Moon 4-13-2014

Cherokee Cup UPDATE!!

We have confirmation that most of the pros will be riding in the Cherokee Cup! These BIG NAMES include but are not limited to:

Pat Smage Bio_Smage1


Bryan Roper Bio_Roper1


Logan Bolopue Logan_Head_Shot_web

Karl Davis Jr. Bio_Davis1

Daniel Blanc-Gonnet Daniel_Headshot_web2

COME RIDE WITH THE PROS! in this single line long loop event!!! Compare your score with the best….  while you’re trying to win your class!